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Vanaf Tot Update

5 Euro Germany 2017 - Tropical zone - UNC

Commemorative 5 euro Germany 2017
The first 5 Euro from the "climate zones of Earth" - polymer series
The coin is named "Tropical zone"
Coinsize: 27,5 mm
Weight: 9 gramm
Quality: UNC

The demand for the predecessor of this coin (Blue Planet) was huge, so be quick !!!

Climatic zones of the Earth series
The five-part series begins with the "Tropical Zone" in 2017 . Every year 1 coin will be issued with a different color of the ring. The color of the rings is based on the climatic conditions of each zone based on the temperature scale: hot (red) to cold (purple).

The complete series will consist of the following coins:
2017 "Tropical Zone" (Red)
2018 "Subtropical Zone" (Orange)
2019 "Temerature Zone" (Green)
2020 'Subpolar Zone" (Turquoise)
2021 "Polar Zone" (Violet)

€ 39,95
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